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With Pope Francis, Change Your Diet and Change the World

An Unpalatable Piece of Writing

A few weeks ago I wrote an op-ed based on the report “Why Pope Francis Wants You to Eat Veggies” and submitted it to a number of news websites, but without success. When I mentioned this to friends who knew the publishing industry, they explained that the piece might be offensive to the Jewish community and other American audiences. The last thing […]

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Why Pope Francis Wants You to Eat Veggies

Why Pope Francis Wants You to Eat Veggies: The Short Version

On May 24, 2015, Pope Francis published the ambitious encyclical Laudato Si’ (“Praise be to You”), his call to save Earth from environmental calamity. It is especially significant in that it is the first such appeal issued by the leader of a major faith tradition. SweetOnion.Net examines how whole plant foods contribute to individual and environmental health. That’s why I decided, […]

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