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The Secrets of Sugar

Have you seen The Secrets of Sugar? It’s a riveting documentary originally aired by CBC/Radio Canada on October 4, 2013. If you have store-bought cupcakes, Coca Cola, Eggo’s, Campbell’s tomato soup, or even a Healthy Choice chicken dinner in your pantry, this film’s for you. Once you’ve watched it, take a look at the nutrition facts […]

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The World’s Quickest Chocolate Mousse

As you know, I am on Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s six-week weight loss plan. For the next five weeks this means no animal products, no processed foods or added sugars, hardly any grains or starchy roots, but lots of fruits, vegetables, and legumes. You’d think that this regimen prevents you from enjoying dessert, but I found a way of […]

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I’m on a Diet!

Yes, I said it: I will devote the coming six weeks to losing weight. My approach to dieting has always been that it is a bad idea. Don’t get me wrong – now and then I tell myself that losing a few pounds would improve my looks. But those times of doubt never last long, […]

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Are your omegas in balance?

How inflammatory is your diet? Just check your omegas.

Researchers believe that numerous diseases – from heart disease to Alzheimer’s[1] or cancer[2] – are either caused by chronic inflammation or influenced by it. Even though it doesn’t sound that way, that’s good news, because we the people have control over how inflamed we are. It starts with our diet. There are inflammatory foods – […]

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Make Your Own Swiss Muesli Mix

Having a hard time deciding what to eat first thing in the morning? I’ve got you covered. Not a morning person myself, I want a breakfast that is not only healthy and yummy, but also super-easy to prepare. Muesli, a cereal concoction popular in Switzerland and southern Germany, is just that.

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