Insects that Help Heal the Aged

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When you think of insects, what comes to your mind?

  • Mosquitoes,
  • zika virus,
  • caterpillars that eat your garden,
  • spider bites,
  • cockroaches,
  • lack of hygiene?

If that’s the case, give those little critters a second chance. Pollinating insects are necessary for our physical survival – without bees there would be no apples or oranges. Nor would there be tomatoes, peppers, squashes, avocadoes, eggplants, okra … You get the point: I am attempting to list all those veggies that botanically speaking are fruit and that are so incredibly healthy for us.

Insects support our mental wellbeing

Insects not only support our physical health. They also contribute to our mental wellbeing. Take a look at this video I made. It’s about a small butterfly garden – a mere eighteen feet by four feet in size – that offers remarkable benefits for a community of elderly citizens.

What I love most about this garden is the passion of its creators. One is Dr. Amy Harkins, a geropsychologist with a dual devotion to helping the aged and to saving the threatened monarch butterfly. The other is Delia Cuellar, whose 95-year old mother is suffering from short-term memory loss. It was love for her mother that drove Delia to build a garden that now benefits dozens if not hundreds of senior citizens.

May you feel as good about this monarch waystation as I do.


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